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Bringing iconic IP's to retail

As Miramax’s official creative partner (licensed by evolution), PowerStation Studios was tasked with creating a variety of breath-taking style-guides; laying out guidelines to successfully reintroduce their entire catalogue of iconic retro cinematic brands into the retail environment.


These included some of the most recognisable cult films from the 90s and early 00s including Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill: volumes I & II, Sin City, Hellraiser, Bad Santa, Chicago, Hannibal, 54 and chocolat, as well as many others.


Supplied with no reference materials to ideate from, the team started the extensive task of researching each IP. Immersing themselves fully within each fictional world, they were able to identify the historic moments that make each of these brands so memorable to fans worldwide.

Once researched, the team then created core artistic directions that stayed true to each brand. Using fashion-trend forecasting technology, PowerStation then mocked up designs for both current and future fashion trends. Our effective use of this fashion forecasting insights ensured that each style-guide had been commercially thought out to deliver the best results for the client.


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  • Miramax

Project Details:

  • Creating Style-Guides for Miramax's iconic IP's
  • To ready brands for retail applications

Areas Covered:

  • Style Guide
  • Typography
  • Graphics
  • Retail
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Click on the movie posters below to have a look at some of our Miramax creative work



Thanks to the artistic diversity of each brand, PowerStation had a lot of fun creating style-guides that communicated the core essence of each Miramax brand; encapsulating their unique personalities and DNA which we’ve all come to know and adore.



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