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Flying from mobile game to global box office blockbuster

Fantastically popular mobile game ANGRY BIRDS made the transition to a blockbuster animated film. As a result, Rovio required vector character art, style guide and packaging & POS that reflected this new style of CGI animation to launch their extensive consumer products programme.

PowerStation Studios were engaged to deliver a style guide that captured the movie’s strong visual comedy and dynamic energy of these hugely popular characters to commercially maximise the transition from smart phone to silver screen.


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  • Rovio

Project Details:

  • Brand adaptation for retail

Areas Covered:

  • Style Guide
  • Illustration
  • Character Art
  • Packaging
  • POS
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Above: A selection of Core Vector Art for "Red"


PowerStation’s first task was to identify which character art styles resonated with the Angry Birds’ personality while ensuring its success on commercial applications. As this was a character-led project, the team initially created the core vector art from which to work. This process involved making a literal translation from the CG movie art into designs that they could explore more creatively with.


Below: A selection of various illustration styles

Above: A selection of various illustration styles


The team continued to test a variety of illustration styles to see what styles worked well with the brand. From here on, the challenge was perfecting the balance between how far we could creatively push the designs and maintain brand integrity and instant recognition.

Once the team established a selection of creative routes, a total of 10 individual mini-guides were created. This assured all target demographics were supported in the overall project. To help further differentiate each demographic, the team projected a unique theme and art direction per guide.



The next challenge PowerStation faced was creating new packaging that not only reflected the humour and unique animation style of the new film, but simultaneously sat comfortably alongside the Angry Birds world without competing or cannibalising any existing ranges).


The solution of a stripped-down character-led design was chosen as it allowed the new range to work with existing products, yet still introduced the new art style effectively.


Above: Angry Birds packaging & retail environment concepts.


The Result

The Angry Birds Movie was a huge hit at the global box office and the consumer products offering was very well received. Due to this success, PowerStation was enlisted to create additional assets for the Angry Birds world including translating the very popular Hatchlings characters into vector art, as well as creating vector versions for key props and the Piggy vehicles. We also developed trend kits for the Hatchlings.



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