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 About Us.

PowerStation offer turn-key client solutions and objective orientated design across Entertainment, Sport, Lifestyle and Leisure.

PowerStation Studios DNA
PowerStation Studios - the PSTN Divisions

From concept development to product delivery

From realisation to revenue via retail reinvention

At every touchpoint of your global consumer community from beginning to end


 Vision Statement. ﷯ To be the global go-to creative catalyst for game-changing properties and world-defining concepts.  Mission statement. ﷯ To surprise every client with unexpected design vision. Take your breath away by shining a light through your own IP or idea in a way that even you had not yet imagined. To confidently translate your property or concept into real world designs and experiences that will emotionally connect with consumer’s globally.


The creative solutions we deliver work because we remove all constraints,

allow ourselves to go everywhere, then reapply constraints which leads to new objective orientated design


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Disruptive Creativity.

We are not sheep. Do things differently.

Avoid formulaic-design. ‘Mediocre’ is not in our vocabulary. Approach every task with PowerStations’ signature touch of disruptive creativity. Delight our clients by enticing and exciting their audience through ingenious creative. Jump into the unknown; ideate the best creative solutions for each individual project. Do things differently.


Insights driven.

Know trends, present and future.

Establish ourselves as the industry gold-standard for trend-forecasting. Combine jaw-dropping creativity with cold hard data. Get under the skin of all our brands. Artistically encapsulate each  brands’ DNA to help create meaningful affinities with their target audience. Identify the perfect match between future trends and our projects. Create stunning solutions that’ll be commercially successful. Keep our partners happy. Have the foresight of insight.



What to expect from our relationship.

Collaborate and integrate with external brand partners so effortlessly that we become an extension of their own business. Value each employee’s contribution and actively seek personal growth. Work together, innovate, learn, have fun and continuously seek excellence. Be reliable, conscientious and passionate. Strive to deliver the best. Know that at PowerStation, we are a collective.

Our Ethos.


Our Clients.

Well, some of them...

The Team.

With a predominantly strong US client base, the team can often be found Stateside at the heart of a world-renowned brand’s creative culture and decision-making.

Their entrusted one-on-one counsel with IP owners, Studio Heads and executive stakeholders, drives PowerStation Studios’ globe-spanning projects.

We are designers and strategic thinkers from all over the world.  We are multi-sensory visualists, agile brand architects, magical [mischief] makers and heartfelt storytellers.

We are a collective.

A team.

Your team. For every stage of your creative journey.

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220 Queenstown Road 
London, England

T: +44 (0) 20 3637 6364

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